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John Columbo

Full stack developer
That's just a fancy way of saying I create websites

About me

My social security number is, no wait, let's not do that. I am passionate about helping people with technology. Websites and IT are the focus here, so we'll leave it at that.

I've been working in IT (that's Information Technology) for over 20 years doing everything from customer support and programming to IT management and everything in between.


Programming / Web Design

  • HTML / SCSS / JavaScript
  • Webflow
  • Angular 5+
  • Google Firebase Technologies
  • Microsoft C#.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic.NET

Business owner

By now, you've surely realized that I'm a business owner too. Here's the list of businesses I'm a part of...

Why the name Desert Road Productions?

Well, when I first started this freelancing endeavor I wasn't exactly sure where it would go. With that in mind I was looking for a catchy business name that would also allow me to morph it into whatever I ended up doing.

I read my Bible, a lot. As part of that I seek God for answers in my every day life. So, naturally I looked to Him for this answer as well. He lead me to the book of Acts chapter 8 verse 26. This is the beginning of the story of a man named Philip who was asked by God to travel on a desert road with no explanation. He was expected to simply follow God's instructions. This sums up my journey thus far. God asked me and my family to take a seemingly ridiculous journey of faith not too long ago. And here we are continuing to do the same, so even though Desert Road Productions may not have the word website design, IT, computers, or anything else in the name you'd expect, it is perfect.